Selah at Sunrise (With a Full Measure of Grace)

Selah at SunriseI have heard about the “Write 31 Days” challenge in the past. I always thought, “what a nice idea.” But I never considered challenging myself. After all, I thought, I am not a writer. Yes, I blog a bit and post on social media, but can I write? Well, it looks like I am about to find out!

As I have thought and prayed about what to write in the 48 hours since I decided to do this, I kept coming back to writing about the journey God is taking me on. It is a simple journey in that I don’t physically travel far. God has me detour approximately 5 minutes on my commute each day. Five minutes. And I am learning that a lot can happen when you follow God on even a short journey.

My detour takes me to a lake that is part of a local state park. I pull into a small gravel parking lot that is best known by early morning fisherman and kayakers. There is no gate to keep you out before sunrise. that is a blessing for me. Because God has been calling me to that lake to take a short sabbath rest before I start my work day. He often paints the sky in hues that amaze me as I gaze out upon the water. At the water’s edge I pray. And when I quiet my heart and listen, God speaks to me here.

Come with me to ponder some of the truths and lessons God has taught me at the lake. One lesson I share with you today is the lesson of Grace. Grace reminds us of beauty and elegance. It is also the unmerited favor of God toward us. It is forgiveness. Without this lesson about grace I would not be writing now. You see, this was supposed to be  31 day challenge. But I learned of it late and could not pull together a start on October 1. Before learning grace, I would have given up before I even started. But Grace says I don’t have to be perfect. God is. And He bestows his blessings on me. Even when I only take a 30 day challenge.

“Yet God, in his grace, freely makes us right in his sight. He did this through Christ Jesus when he freed us from the penalty for our sins.” (Romans 3:24, NLT)

Let us find grace. Let us pause at the lake. Let us be amazed by the beauty of God. Together. 2018-05-26 05.06.58



6 thoughts on “Selah at Sunrise (With a Full Measure of Grace)

  1. So beautiful, all the words are such an encouragement. Thank you so much sister. I love you 😘. You definitely need to be a writer.


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